Mark Greenwood

Evangelist Mark Greenwood is pioneer of  a style of evangelism that uses stand up comedy to get an audience's attention. He and John have collaborated on many projects over more years than either cares to remember :Chr istmas tours, where John sings and Mark speaks; schools weeks, like the one in Malvern every spring, where Mark takes the assemblies and John teaches lessons, and an any-time-of-the-year-will-do show, again with songs and comedy.

Aside from work, they are good friends,enjoying a shared love of Bradford, Bradford City, good food, especially curries, laughter and Jesus.

Slimline Mark is now director of the Fortythree Trust, based in Coventry but operating all over the country, speaking, teaching and standing up. (comedy) John is also an associate of the Forty Three trust.

Mark,who is a talented musician, guests on John's Haven't you heard? album playing ukele banjo on God is so good and I don't look very hard.


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