Julie Wilkinson

She regularly takes assemblies both on her own and with Zephaniah colleagues, using true life anecdotes alongside Bible stories to bring faith alive. Her repertoire also includes traditional tales, folk stories and things she has picked up along the way.

She has pioneered Refugee Voices, a storytelling/drama project for schools using the stories of refugees from Bradford and those who work with them to develop understanding and awareness. John’s song, Michael’s story, on the time added on album retells the story of one of the characters.

Julie writes an occasional blog, looking into the hidden spaces in Bible stories - to read more visit : 





"God shows us who he is through story, and all he asks us to do is to pass his story on, with all the creativity and passion and joy it deserves. Julie's storytelling embodies all of that, and I recommend her to you!" 
                                      Bob Hartman, Storyteller & Author


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