still dreaming

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I remember when I was young,

I would dream of righting wrongs

Of a world where peace would reign

And injustice never be seen again

And I remember olds would patronise

I still see the laughter in their eyes

They would smile at the ideals of youth

So naive of me to expect the truth !


but I’m still dreaming

I’m still dreaming

I’m still dreaming

dreaming ‘bout what the world might be


I remember Martin Luther King

Dylan’s protest songs we used to sing

Demanding civil rights enshrined in law

In Alabama in South Africa

In Northern Ireland and in Palestine

I dreamed of peace, peace in our time

I dreamed of peace in the hearts of men

And all God’s people asking, “When ?”                     


And as the strongholds of evil fall

In my city there seems no change at all

As the corners of darkness try

To deny and defy the coming of the light


John Froud

Copyright © 2000  Zephaniah Music