on promoting a concert




Suppose you want to invite John Froud to play for you. You feel the organisation is a daunting task.

Can you do-it-yourself ? You can. We can help a lot and it’s really not so complicated.


The planning stage:

1          understand what you’re putting on

Is it to be Christian entertainment for a church social, a low-level evangelistic, bring-your-friends evening, or a call-to-commitment event, all of these, or something else?

2          decide on your target audience

This should reflect the current strengths of your congregation. You need people to bring themselves and hopefully, their friends. Are your people more likely to come to a “freebie” or something for which they need to buy a ticket ? Should you put on food or “refreshments” or  a bar to tempt them? When is a good day ? What time should the event start ? What publicity is appropriate ?


3          make it happen

Do you need permission from deacons, PCC, Church Council or whoever ? If you’re sure it’s right, try to avoid being frustrated by awkward people and Byzantine structures. Plot a careful course.

4          decide about the money

Different churches have different policies about charging. Some will meet fees or make gifts from general funds, others have an evangelism budget, some get sponsorship, others charge for tickets (some charge only members).


Distance is irrelevant as John doesn’t charge travel expenses. He feels those outside Yorkshire are suffering enough already!

5          find a room to hold the event

A room not so big that that a good turn out looks like the proverbial two or three gathered together is good. Will you sit the audience in rows or groups or round tables?

Church rooms may need a lot of work to make them user-friendly (cover up the Brownies’ notice board, hide Parent & Toddlers’ slide etc) You may also need to negotiate with  the BB, the sisterhood, or the keep fit class, whoever uses the rooms on the chosen night. We can bring stage lighting so many things can disappear into the shadows.

You may still prefer to go off-site, to  a neutral venue or one where the furniture moving is not your responsibility. This may have cost implications. You may prefer an intimate “armchair” event in your living room (popular in NZ and the US, we hear).

6          at every stage - pray

>about the “rightness” of the event and if it is right, the way to make it happen

>about who needs to be asked and who needs to be informed

>about who to invite and a confidence to bring friends

>about how visitors should feel and what you can do to create a welcoming


>for the money to be there—it will



The night itself:

1          the set up

John will want to be in four hours before the start to set up stage, PA and lighting where appropriate, and he will need a table for his merchandise

A little (sandwiches etc but not cakes) is all he would expect to eat before the event. Afterwards, however….

He, and any team, may need accommodation if you’re a long way from Bradford, but you’ll know that by now, so…...

2          stop worrying and enjoy the event

We are used to small audiences and an intimate atmosphere suits John’s style.

3          pay the balance of the money

Make sure that payment is made. 

John is threatening to call his book, “I’m sorry—the treasurer is away today.”

4          and throughout - pray

>for the performers, that the message is clearly presented

>for the visitors, that the message is clearly heard


Now make it happen !