worship leading


worship leading

Key text : Zephaniah 3:17


John is a regular worship leader at his home church of Shipley Baptist, and occasionally at other churches around Bradford or elsewhere in the country. Standing behind his guitar, he may be on his own or with a number of different groups, producing different textures but his intention is always the same: to worship God and to invite others to join in that worship. He is aware that songs reach parts of us that are usually kept tightly closed and then stay in the mind longer than spoken words, keeping those words and ideas alive as well as the melody.

He has written many songs which he hopes will enable congregations and individuals within those congregations to communicate with God; that is hearing Him as well the usual pelting Him with petitions - for others as well for ourselves. 2013’s major project is an album of some of those songs, to be recorded so they can be used privately as well as in the public settings for which they were originally intended.

Dave Bilbrough has been a big influence, as has the late Geoffrey Earnshaw whose concern for correctness in grammar and usage lives on as a caution in John’s song-writing mind. An extra few minutes checking the language may avoid a cringe-making that error that makes worship through the song difficult for someone else.


song : God so loved
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