at Sandal


John Froud at Sandal Primary School, Baildon

(from the school website)


“Pupils in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 can often be heard whispering "Oh Yes! It's John Froud" when they hear John playing his guitar as they walk into the hall for one of his assemblies.

John has a unique talent for story telling. He captivates all pupils with his heart warming, funny tales of everyday life. His assemblies always cleverly teach us one of the bible messages and his lively songs are loved by all pupils and staff!”




The story with Sandal goes back a long way and we remember fondly Dot Mainwairing who sadly died in her prime. She led school trips to York to which John was invited as guest musician and (primary) source of historical knowledge and arranged for John to come into school for RE lessons and assemblies. This chair in the school library is in her memory.

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